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    Web and Mobile App Development

    SaaS Platform Design & Development

    Cloud Hosting and Maintenance

    Bigdata Gathering and Cleaning

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    Upcoming Features

    SDK for custom integration

    Voice anable shopping

    Fashion recommendation system

    FPGA accelerated back-end

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Bring your idea, we'll handle the rest

Accelx is a leading web-service and application development company. We employ expertise in the field of comprehensive SaaS development for applications, big data analytics and for Machin Learning backends.

We utilize all the essential components of SaaS development and AI integration: web apps, mobile apps, cloud hosting, secure data storage and APIs. Our ML teams design, create and deploy machine learning models and backends for innovative digital experiences.

Accelx employs state-of-the-art software development practices to deliver SaaS products in the shortest possible time while ensuring product quality.

Made for any language, for projects big and small, providing the speed and reliability.

End-to-End solutions with satisfaction guarantee

Our specialists help a business develop a solution that provides continuous integration and maintains a competitive edge in the marketplace

Comprehensive development

Starting with a dedicated Project Manager, we assist our customers with market analysis, SaaS requirements and definition of minimum viable product (MVP). We develop all the essential components for an effective SaaS solution: web apps, mobile apps, cloud hosting, secure data storage and APIs.

Hosting, continuous deployment and scaling up

Accelx solutions are backed by cloud/on-premises hosting and DeOps that provide continuous integration and a continuous deployment pipeline. As the product reaches a critical mass, we assist our clients in scaling up and scaling down the solution as needed.

ML model development and integration

For SaaS solutions with Data Science and/or with AI backends, our ML team supports data-cleaning, training, finetuning, deployment and integration of ML models. Provides ML model deployment including cloud inferencing, edge inferencing and hybrid between edge and cloud inferencing. Both in the fields of CNN and NLP applications.


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